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Considering using your own profile photo in the bathroom mirror? You are wanting some help from solitary Muslim Hitch, whom recently offers right up suggestions about creating the most perfect profile

Hello, salam and comfort to any or all singletons. I’d like to introduce myself personally: i will be the self-appointed online Muslim Hitch. Think “date physician” Will Smith without any shellfish allergic reaction. My aim is not difficult: to help people get hitched. I am right here to guide, advise and guide you just like you navigate the internet quagmire when trying to locate that wonderful life time lover – somebody just who might be at the end of keypad simply click.

I may never be the relationship expert you can see on daytime television, but after numerous years of that great ‘halal matchmaking’ scene and traipsing through profile after profile on matrimonial site tenders, i have got a reasonable idea of what is available to you – particularly of what is desirable, and something a downright turn-off.

For most Muslims wanting really love, satisfying someone on the internet is becoming an ever more attractive and socially feasible alternative. Those matchmaking ‘auntie’ type figures exactly who believed level, age and job concept had been all the details one required when putting two people together, have taken a seat along with their ‘biodata’ forms and alternatively on-line solutions are now actually considerably the power in trying to find a compatible lover.

I am aware that getting a member of a singles internet site can be a little embarrassing and yes it can be challenging as well. But by selecting online you may be signing up for hundreds of thousands who, like you, are putting on their own around – it really is a brave and proactive action, hopefully in direction of the proverbial marriage altar. Very, without further ado, let’s start.

Your own profile: Dos and performn’ts

I start in the beginning – composing the profile. It can be a genuine challenge, however it needn’t end up being a traumatic knowledge. Jesus understands, I’ve stared inside my monitor when setting up a unique profile, stumped to publish about myself. But we live-in an age of marketing so it is important to make the effort– however take note on web sites such as, sincere advertising and marketing is really what matters.

Here are some things that may make it easier to rethink some aspects inside profile (and even encourage a rewrite).

Shirtless selfies, glasses, etc

First thing’s first, your photo could be the original port of telephone call, so guarantee it’s a good one or you risk shedding your ‘audience’.

Here are some tips for the gentlemen in particular:
a) stay away from selfies posing at the restroom mirror the place you have actually easily forgotten to place your top on. It’s truly perhaps not attractive.
b) stay glued to featuring merely you into the photograph – I have seen a number of pictures where there is a minimum of two different people inside it. One photograph actually had four guys grinning from the camera; aint no body got time for you to work out who you happen to be.
c) Do not use glasses. It isn’t really Miami Vice.

But I have to confess, even the above is superior to a definite member i stumbled upon whose profile image was of a fresh fruit dessert.

The ‘lol’ acronym

Overusing the lol acronym, especially when it contributes no comedic price towards words, is an especially off-putting exercise. Instance: “i have perhaps not got much fortune locating a girl, to ensure’s the reason why I’m on here lol!”.
It works the sense that you’re either lol’ing from anxious fun and/or you are not taking it that honestly.

You shouldn’t leave the Caps lock on

I can’t rely the quantity of occasions men and women have accidentally/intentionally remaining the Caps lock key on when writing out profiles or undoubtedly when giving me personally communications. One man published: ‘I WANT MATRIMONY ALONG WITH YOU. ALMOST NO TIME WASTERS’.
It really is scary. You shouldn’t do it.


I read some great profiles which are lively, beneficial and engaging. But unfortunately that isn’t usually your situation. When creating your profile, reveal that you are considering yours existence, if not, why would he or she end up being?

I’ve come upon quite a few profiles which happen to be nothing more than a few words very long. As an example: ‘Ask myself a lot more’ or – surprise, horror – ‘Looking for somebody.’ You will be firing yourself during the base with this particular – nobody are into also pressing for more information. Invest time in your profile and you are more prone to draw people towards a follow through.

Be engaging

Be polite and polite, and show her/him which you come across their particular profile interesting. This really is prone to remind a response. Merely claiming “hi how r you” is not the best type engagement. Alternatively, select one thing they will have stated inside their profile and comment on it – this alone shows you made the effort to see their unique profile much more closely. Like: “which is thus fascinating you go abseiling at vacations. Could you give consideration to some body with acrophobia?” Or: “your own favourite flicks are about zombies? I bump to the hiking dry at the office water cooler always.”

Hence closes the initial instalment that we wish you found useful in some way. Your own profile is a window into the genuine you thus take good care over it, because it can start a wealth of brand new opportunities.

Til the next time,

Peace away.

M. Hitch


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