Top 5 Significant Hemp Lotion Benefits

Girl applying Hemp Lotion For her Skin

Top 5 Significant Hemp Lotion Benefits

Wondering what the top 5 significant hemp lotion benefits are? Well, that’s why you’re here! Have a quick read on what makes Dusty Prairie so unique!

1. Hemp Lotion Has Essential Fatty Acids

Taking care of your outside is just as important as taking care of your inside.

That means making sure you use the best ingredients to receive the best results.

Hemp lotion contains essential Fatty Acids or EFA’s. EFA’s are fatty acids that the body needs for good health but the human body cannot synthesize them.

EFA’s are fatty acids that the body needs for good health but the human body cannot synthesize them. In order to remain healthy, we must seek them from outside sources.

Hemp lotion contains both Omega 3 and Omega 6 (Gamma-Linolenic acid). These essential fatty acids are often associated with, and also found in fish oil.

When used on the skin they help bolster your skin’s suppleness and keep you looking great.

Hemp lotions also contain key amino acids which help with collagen and elastin. In short, hemp lotion will help you retain moisture while preventing wrinkles.

In fact, due to their overwhelming effectiveness, most lotions now contain hemp oil.

2. Hemp Lotion Has Vitamins & Minerals

While the EFA’s do amazing work, they aren’t the only good things that hemp lotion contains.

Hemp seeds also have plenty of phytonutrients such as:

  • Vitamin A: Known to fight wrinkles
  • Vitamin B1: Rich in anti-aging properties
  • Vitamin B2: Prevents free radical damage and protects skin
  • Vitamin B6: Known to help treat acne, psoriasis, & other skin conditions
  • Vitamin D: Boosts elasticity, lessens lines, and minimizes dark spots
  • Vitamin E: Prevents dryness and bolsters skin’s UV defense
  • Calcium: Helps grow and regenerate skin
  • Iron: Reduces paleness and dark circles
  • Magnesium: Stabilizes hormonal balances and improves cellular process
  • Manganese: Aids in collagen production and protects skin from UV rays
  • Phosphorus: Helps the body utilize B vitamins
  • Potassium: Keeps skin hydrated and moist
  • Zinc: Antioxidant, heals and rejuvenates skin

3. Hemp Lotion Could Treat Painful Skin Conditions

Psoriasis and eczema are both painful and itchy skin conditions.

Psoriasis occurs when skin cells grow and divide faster than normal.

Hemp oil is thought to slow the process.

Hemp also contains anti-inflammatory properties which then help calm the conditions.

What is great is that while hemp lotion works amazing for your skin, hemp shampoo has the same properties to help you with painful and itchy scalp conditions.

4. Hemp Lotion is Organic and Vegan

There is a growing trend to buy organic and cruelty-free products.

While it may be trendy, there’s actual science behind these decisions.

Hemp oil for your skin:

  • Softer Skin: While more lotions are adding hemp oil to their products, the non-organic ones also still contain drying agents as well.
  • Clearer Skin: Many people react badly to products using non-organic ingredients.
  • Better Smell: While your lotion will smell better thanks to the natural ingredients, so will you.

There’s a reason people have used these herbs and oils for thousands of years. They work, just as they are.

5. Hemp Lotion is Legal

While there are some states out there which have already legalized medical marijuana, hemp has always been legal.

The difference is that hemp has been bred specifically for fiber used in the production of construction, rope, clothing, nutritional benefits, oils and topical ointments. The purposes of hemp are growing as well.

None of these strains contain the resinous glands that lead to intoxication.

Excited about hemp lotions and other products?

We’ve got your favorites right here.

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