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Can CBD help with your Insomnia?

Can Cannabidiol (CBD) Help With Insomnia?

How does cannabis help with sleep and insomnia? Well, the second most commonly cited reason for marijuana and CBD use is to help with sleep. Considering the recent passing of the recreational use of cannabis in several states, among them … Read More

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Hemp Seeds on a board next to CBD oil.

Cannabidiol (CBD) 2019 Update: news, benefits, uses, & side effects

The rising worldwide topic in the medical field, cannabidiol (CBD), what exactly is CBD and why is it gaining such attention? As we roll into 2019 with lots of news and discussions from the past few weeks, many people are … Read More

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Dusty Prairie – Giveaway

Section Navigation Watch Farm Video Coupons Enter Giveaway Sign up for Giveaway If you are human, leave this field blank. Name Email Address * Days Hours Minutes Seconds use this Coupon code to get UP TO 40% off on Selected … Read More

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President Trump Signs 2018 Farm Bill: What This Means For The Hemp Industry

Have you heard? On Wednesday, December 12th, the House and the Senate approved the 2018 Farm Bill that would allow hemp cultivation and its removal from the list of controlled substances. (Read More Here)  President Trump has now signed that … Read More

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Hemp Legalization

Legalized Industrial Hemp: A Boom For The CBD Industry!

Breaking News: Industrial Hemp is now 100% Federally Legal! Congress Approves Bill to Make CBD Federally Legal As of Wednesday, December 12th, the US Congress approved the legalization of a large-scale hemp cultivation and its removal from the list of … Read More

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Industrial Hemp Legalization

Industrial Hemp is Going to be Legalized Next Week!!

Industrial Hemp is going to be Legalized Next Week!! Hemp reportedly has been removed of the controlled substance list as part of the proposed Farm Bill. There is a significant change coming for farmers: industrial hemp is going to be … Read More

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Top 5 Significant Hemp Lotion Benefits

Top 5 Significant Hemp Lotion Benefits Wondering what the top 5 significant hemp lotion benefits are? Well, that’s why you’re here! Have a quick read on what makes Dusty Prairie so unique! 1. Hemp Lotion Has Essential Fatty Acids Taking … Read More

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Can Skin Treatment Be Treated By CBD Lotion?

Skin Treatment Through CBD Lotion? It may sound like crazy news, but CBD applied directly to the skin may greatly improve skin health and over all well being. But, how does it work? Let us show you why skin treatment … Read More

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Top 10 CBD Benefits

(Top 10 CBD Oil Benefits List: Look Above This Post for the Top 10 CBD Oil Benefits Picture Slider) What is Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil? What Does CBD Oil do? What is CBD oil? Derived from the stalk and seed of … Read More

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